Vontobel Markets
15. helmikuuta 2024 | 1 min lukea
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Lue lisää Vontobelsin pörssikauppatuotteista ja niiden toiminnasta alla olevista videoista.

Pörssilistatut tuotteet

Unlimited Turbo -warrantit

Bull & Bear sertifikaatit


Mitä maksat, kun käyt kauppaa pörssilistatuilla tuotteilla?


Investors in the products are exposed to the risk that the Issuer or the Guarantor may not be able to meet its obligations under the products. A total loss of the invested capital is possible. The products are not subject to any deposit protection.

The value of the products can fall significantly below the purchase price due to changes in market factors, especially if the value of the underlying asset falls. The products are not capital-protected.

Due to the leverage effect, there is an increased risk of loss (risk of total loss) with leverage products, e.g. Bull & Bear Certificates, Warrants and Mini Futures.

Product and possible financing costs reduce the value of the products.

If the product currency differs from the currency of the underlying asset, the value of a product will also depend on the exchange rate between the respective currencies. As a result, the value of a product can fluctuate significantly.