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Ordinary termination day: 23/12/2022
Repayment day: 03/01/2023
    Strategic Certificate

    Gigant High Income Emerging Market Bond Strategy Index

    Open End | Währung: CHF

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    Index Composition: All Constituents


    6.75% CSN Islands XI (USD) 2028-01-28

    ISIN USG2583XAB76

    Countries: Cayman IslandsSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 5.36%

    4.5% Kuwait Proj (USD) 2027-02-23

    ISIN XS1567906059

    Countries: United Arab EmiratesSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 4.80%

    4.625% BNP Paribas (USD)

    ISIN USF1R15XL357

    Countries: FranceSectors: FinancialsCurrencies: USDWeight: 4.72%

    5.25% SCOR Floater

    ISIN FR0013322823

    Countries: FranceSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 4.30%

    6.5% Petrobras Glob (USD) 2033-07-03

    ISIN US71647NBK46

    Countries: NetherlandsSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 4.11%

    4.625% SoftBank Group Corp. (USD) 2028-07-06

    ISIN XS2361253433

    Countries: JapanSectors: TelecommunicationsCurrencies: USDWeight: 3.73%

    10% Petroleos Mexicanos (USD) 2033-02-07

    ISIN USP78625ED13

    Countries: MexicoSectors: EnergyCurrencies: USDWeight: 3.45%

    6.25% Ukravtodor (USD) 2030-06-24

    ISIN XS2357277149

    Countries: UkraineSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.92%

    4.75% Indian Oil (USD) 2024-01-16

    ISIN XS1936310371

    Countries: IndiaSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.80%

    5.65% Network i2i (USD)

    ISIN USV6703DAA29

    Countries: MauritiusSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.73%

    5.875% Traf Fund (USD) 2025-09-23

    ISIN XS2232101803

    Countries: LuxembourgSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.73%

    5.625% Swedbank (USD)

    ISIN XS2046625765

    Countries: SwedenSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.72%

    5.875% Tata Motors Ltd. (USD) 2025-05-20

    ISIN XS2079668609

    Countries: IndiaSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.72%

    5.375% JSW Steel (USD) 2025-04-04

    ISIN XS2049728004

    Countries: IndiaSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.72%

    6.375% Medco Bell (USD) 2027-01-30

    ISIN USY56607AA51

    Countries: SingaporeSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.65%

    4.25% GOHL Cap (USD) 2027-01-24

    ISIN XS1551355149

    Countries: Isle Of ManSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.64%

    4.8% Bank of Montreal (USD)

    ISIN US06368B5P91

    Countries: CanadaSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.60%

    4.836% Barclays (USD) 2028-05-09

    ISIN US06738EAW57

    Countries: United KingdomSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.59%

    5.75% Grupo Axo (USD) 2026-06-08

    ISIN USP4955MAA91

    Countries: MexicoSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.54%

    4.75% Novelis (USD) 2030-01-30

    ISIN USU6700TAC72

    Countries: United StatesSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.53%

    3.875% H&E Equipment Svcs (USD) 2028-12-15

    ISIN USU2443LAF86

    Countries: United StatesSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.47%

    5.375% Ecopetrol (USD) 2026-06-26

    ISIN US279158AL39

    Countries: ColombiaSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.46%

    4.625% Deutsche Bank AG (EUR)

    ISIN DE000DL19VZ9

    Countries: GermanySectors: FinancialsCurrencies: EURWeight: 2.38%

    3.5% San M / NG Pet (USD) 2028-08-02

    ISIN USP84527AA17

    Countries: PeruSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.34%

    2.78% Dua Capital (USD) 2031-05-11

    ISIN XS2339967932

    Countries: MalaysiaSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.33%

    4.25% Empresas (USD) 2029-07-18

    ISIN USP9379RBA43

    Countries: ColombiaSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.33%

    4.5% Braskem Nether (USD) 2030-01-31

    ISIN USN15516AD40

    Countries: NetherlandsSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.32%

    3.375% Coinbase Global (USD) 2028-10-01

    ISIN USU19328AA89

    Countries: United StatesSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 2.23%

    4.375% Volcan (USD) 2026-02-11

    ISIN USP98047AC08

    Countries: PeruSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 1.51%

    7.5% Total Play Tlcm (USD) 2025-11-12

    ISIN USP9190NAB93

    Countries: MexicoSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 1.49%

    6% TCS Finance (USD)

    ISIN XS2387703866

    Countries: IrelandSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 1.36%

    8.75% Petroleos Mexicanos (USD) 2029-06-02


    Countries: MexicoSectors: EnergyCurrencies: USDWeight: 1.31%

    3% Ardagh Mtl Pack (EUR) 2029-09-01

    ISIN XS2310511717

    Countries: IrelandSectors: OtherCurrencies: EURWeight: 1.17%

    5.125% Oriflame Invt (USD) 2026-05-04

    ISIN USG67744AA34

    Countries: JerseySectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 0.84%

    6.75% Greenland GI (USD) 2028-06-25

    ISIN XS2016768439

    Countries: British Virgin IslandsSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 0.41%

    4.65% Alrosa Finance (USD) 2024-04-09

    ISIN XS1843441731

    Countries: LuxembourgSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 0.28%

    0% Ecuador 31.07.2030

    ISIN XS2214239845

    Countries: EcuadorSectors: OtherCurrencies: USDWeight: 0.05%
    Subtotal Bond:

    iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETF

    ISIN US4642874329

    Countries: United StatesSectors: FinancialsCurrencies: USDWeight: 1.39%
    Subtotal Fund:
    Total :

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    About this product

    Strategic Certificates enable investors to invest in themes, strategies, regions, or countries, making it easier to diversify even with small amounts of money. Strategic Certificates replicate the performance of the underlying asset without leverage, a cap, or capital protection. Investors participate nearly 1:1 in rising and falling prices of the underlying asset. The underlying assets can especially be indices or equity baskets which could be active be managed. In this way, you can invest in a whole stock market or basket in only one transaction without having to buy all the individual stocks. This is why Strategic Certificates are a great product for targeted investment in specific themes.

    Learn more about Strategic Certificates