This product has been repaid
Repayment day: 18/08/2023
Repayment amount: 1,000.00 USD
    Multi Callable Barrier Reverse Convertible

    S&P 500® Index, EURO STOXX 50® Index, SMI® (Swiss Market Index)

    Coupon p.a.: 4.75% | Issuercallable | Currency: USD | Maturity: 11/08/2023

    Product Overview

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    Bonus amount per interval
    1.18% (11.875 USD)
    Call interval (in months)
    Distance to Barrier

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    About this product

    Like the classic version, Multi Callable Barrier Reverse Convertibles (BRCs) are characterized by a pre-determined coupon and a safety buffer up to the barriers. The callable attribute improves the yield because coupons are generally higher than for regular Multi BRCs, but investors bear the reinvestment risk if the products are redeemed ("called") early.