This product is not tradable anymore
Final fixing day: 15/04/2024
Repayment amount: 1,000.00 CHF
Repayment in 5 days
    Multi Barrier Reverse Convertible

    Adecco Group AG, The Swatch Group AG, Swiss Re AG

    Coupon p.a.: 9.00% | Währung: CHF | Laufzeit: 15.04.2024

    Product Overview

    Key figures
    Coupon (Coupon p.a.)
    11.30% (9.00%)
    Accrued Interest
    11.12% (111.25 CHF)
    Yield Max
    Distance to Barrier

    Life Cycle

    Initial FixingFirst trading dayLast trading dateFinal fixingRedemption

    Product Information

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