Multi Barrier Reverse Convertible with Conditional Coupon

    Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, UBS Group AG, AXA SA

    Coupon p.a.: 7.20% | Autocallable | Memory | Währung: EUR | Laufzeit: 12.01.2027




    Product Overview

    Key figures
    Bonus amount per interval
    1.80% (18.00 EUR)
    Call interval (in months)
    Distance to Barrier

    Life Cycle

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    About this product

    The uniqueness of Multi Barrier Reverse Convertibles with conditional coupons lies in the fact that, as the name suggests, the coupon payment is tied to the performance of the underlying assets and thus conditional. To receive a coupon payment, the price of the underlying assets must trade at or above the respective coupon levels on the pre-determined observation dates. Similar to traditional BRCs, this variant also features a barrier that provides investors with a certain degree of protection.