This product has been repaid
Stop-loss has been reached on: 30/03/2023
Repayment day: 14/04/2023
Redemption amount: 0.61 SEK
    Mini Future

    Natural Gas (Henry Hub) Future

    Lång | Lösenpris: 2,033 USD

    Product overview

    Key figures
    Stop-loss Level2.092 USD
    Distance to Stop-loss Level10.17%
    Strike2.033 USD

    Life cycle

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    About this product

    Mini Futures offer investors the opportunity to participate disproportionately - with a leverage effect - in the performance of an underlying with a small capital investment. Long Mini Futures can be used to speculate on rising prices, while short mini futures can be used to speculate on falling prices. The products have an unlimited term, provided the product is not terminated by reaching the stop-loss level (or stop-loss barrier). In addition, a wide selection of underlyings is available, such as shares, indices, commodities, precious metals, interest rate instruments, currency pairs and cryptocurrencies.

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