KO-Warrant Open End

    Nasdaq-100 Index®

    Call | Leverage: 2.94 | Knock-out Level: 9,478.2421 USD
    Updated Today, 19:55:00-36.57 SEK (-6.49%)


    Bid volume 100,000


    Ask volume 100,000

    Spread0.06 SEK / 0.01%

    Nasdaq-100 Index®: 14,308.40 USD|Last Update: | Dist. to Knock-out: 33.75%

    Product overview

    Key figures
    Strike9,478.2421 USD
    Knock-out Level9,478.2421 USD
    Distance to Knock-out33.75%

    Life cycle

    Initial fixingFirst exchange trade dateOpen end

    Product information

    Key Information Document
    Final Terms
    Base Prospectus

    About this product

    Unlimited Turbos, also called Open-End Knock-out Warrants, allow investors to participate disproportionately in the performance of an underlying. The leverage effect results from the fact that less capital has to be invested than for an investment in the respective underlying. Investors can speculate on a rising or falling underlying with a small capital investment. These products can be used to speculate on various asset classes such as shares, indices, commodities, precious metals, interest rate instruments or currency pairs.

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