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New open-end bitcoin tracker certificate

16/01/2018 | 1 min read

Vontobel is expanding its bitcoin product range to Sweden. The first open-end exchange-traded bitcoin tracker certificate will be available to trade on the stock exchange from 16. January 2018, providing an interesting option for all those who believe in the cryptocurrency but don’t want to have to deal with IT administration and digital security.

More than one year ago, Vontobel became the first Swiss issuer to launch an exchange-traded tracker certificate on the cryptocurrency bitcoin, and it has since proven to be a resounding success. However, a lot has happened in the meantime: bitcoin exchanges were closed in China, initial coin offerings (ICOs) have hit the headlines and again, there have been various splits or ‘hard forks’, and so on. Despite this long list of developments, interest in the cryptocurrency appears to be unwavering.