With Vontobel's certificates you can invest in new niches and trends

Vontobel Markets
09/08/20223 min read

Why should a private investor in Denmark be interested in a financial product from a Swiss investment house, one might ask?

Because Vontobel's certificates roughly bring two new elements into your ability to diversify your investments.

One element is about the possibilities that lie in trading certificates with leverage, the so-called Bull & Bear certificates, which you can read about here.

The second element is about the values ​​and assets you are given the opportunity to invest in using a certificate.

In order for you as an investor to be able to buy any item, it is most simple if there is a seller of the item you want, which is immediately available. Most of us can imagine what goods we need on a daily basis, but it immediately becomes more complicated when it comes to investing and financial products. While almost everyone knows or can relatively easily find out where to buy a share in Maersk or Novo, it is immediately more unclear where to go if you are interested in speculating on something a little less mainstream, such as cryptocurrencies, commodities, artificial intelligence or the difference between two currencies or two companies' stock prices measured against each other.

But also within investment, it is - of course within the framework of the law - almost only the imagination that sets the limits for which product one can bring to market. The question is simply whether you as a seller, which in financial products, typically will be a bank, think it is worth the money to make the product ready for the market.

Vontobel specializes in giving investors of all sizes access to invest in underlying assets and markets, through certificates that can be purchased on exchange. As a private investor, it can be difficult to find the investment product that matches your appetite for more exotic assets.

Where do you go as a private investor if you want to "hedge", so protect yourself against an oil crisis by investing in something that stands out a little? Or if you have a special interest in Cyber security or Hydrogen?

Certificates focus on trends and tendencies in the market

Vontobel is one of Europe's leading providers of several different types of certificates. As a private investor, you can buy into different certificates that reflect their value in everything from nuclear power over cryptocurrency and hydrogen comapnies to cyber securities and ordinary stocks and stock indices.

And precisely the opportunity to invest in a new trend or a niche is the special opportunity that Vontobel brings to private investors. Maybe you feel like something else, rather than just focusing on growth in the same big companies as everyone else. Those that the media writes about every day and where the market has probably priced both possible gains and losses into the stock even before you read about it. Maybe your bank or investment association does not offer the security that can satisfy your hunger for hydrogen technology, crypto currency, artificial intelligence. Or if you would like to speculate on the price of oil, coffee, sugar, corn or even the difference in development in two different assets at once.

Vontobel develops certificates with a focus on the new trends and makes them available to both private and professional investors in a simple way via a few online trading platforms, such as Nordnet, and through exchanges (Nordic Growth Market).

At Vontobel Markets you can look for specific investment products that you can invest in, both if you want to follow the development by buying a Tracker certificate or if you want to speculate about increases or decreases in the market with Bull & Bear certificates.

Before investing you should also be aware of the risks:

As an investor, you should be aware that you are buying the certificate issued by Vontobel, which means that the money is lost if Vontobel goes bankrupt. This is called issuer risk. Certificates are not subject to any deposit protection.

You should remember that the value of the certificate can fall significantly below the purchase price due to changes in market factors, especially if the value of the underlying asset moves in the opposite direction of your market expectation. Product and possible financing costs (in leverage products) reduce the value of the certificate over time.

In addition, due to the leverage effect, there is an increased risk of loss (risk of total loss) with leverage products, e.g. Bull & Bear Certificates, Warrants and Mini Futures.



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